Libro: “Untold stories of Laguardia”


Untold stories of Laguardia.
Autores: Marcelino Izquiero Vozmediano and Judith Sáenz de Tejada

Sobre los autores:

Marcelino Izquierdo: (Logroño, 1958) director of the Weekend - Diario La Rioja, newspaper for witch he founded and coordinated the supplement Ventana Cultural (1981-1985). He has published the following novels: La Muerte Acecha (1984), El juego de la rana (1995), La canción del Juglar (2000) and Pelotari (2009) and the historical essay Zurbano, Vida y Mito de Un Heroe del Liberalismo Español. He has also headed various exhibitions related to History and Journalism. He has been awarded the `Ateneo Riojano 2016´ Prize for his essay `Bajo el imperio de Gestapo´ and the insignia of `San Bernabe 2016´ granted by the City Goverment of Logroño.

Judith Sáenz de Tejada: Graduated from the Official School of Applied Arts in Madrid. In 2003, created "Mas que Rutas", a company specializing in illustrated publications for tourism and culture in different Spanish regions. Masters un the illustration of Children's books from the University of Macerata, Italy. Gourmand Prize Gold Medal in 2008 for the best illustrated book in the world about wine growing with "Saturnino en la Tierra del Vino".

ISBN13: 978-84-939778-3-2

Depósito Legal: LR-816-2016

Number of pages: 60 pag

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