Libro: “Luchi’s Home Cooking”


Luchi’s Home Cooking, a visit to Villa-Lucía.
Author: Luchi Santamaría.

This book sets out in a practical and simple manner the popular recipes of an exceptional cook, Luchi Santamaria, the driving force behind Villa Lucía, which was the retreat of the fable writer, Samaniego. Today, Villa Lucía is a splendid hotel complex which contains a number of remarkable features, including the exemplary Wine Theme Centre.

Sobre el autor:: Lucía Santamaría (Luchi) was born in Laguardia, that extraordinary town in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa, which, like the cuisine of this wonderful cook, captivates everyone who goes there. In Villa Lucía, her family home, the two worlds for she has developed such a passion merge into one. On the one side, there is her love of nature and the fascinating world of winemaking, embodied in the splendid museum or theme centre that welcome that welcome visitors to this town. The other os gastronomy, inn which Luchy, with her magic, converts the most noble ingredients into rare delicacy, even for the most discerning palate. These popular and tasty dishes of yesteryear are an inspiration to any of us to take a walk through he vineyards, pavilions, pound and gardens, a recreational space where thus incomparable woman practices her art.

ISBN: 84-607-6596-2

D.L.: SS-0070/03

Número de páginas: 126 pag

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